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Vying For The Title of Miss Tampa 2022

Tampa Native Competing To Be the 76th Miss Tampa

Twenty-four-year-old Eryn Grace LaLonde, is currently entering her fifth semester of graduate school and hasn’t paid a penny out of pocket! LaLonde has remained debt free through scholarships she’s been awarded during her years of competition in the Miss America Organization and various other organizations.

Through scholarship research, application, and personal development, LaLonde has earned over $200,000 in scholarship funds. After this fiscal win, she created Operation Success: Planning and Paying for Higher Education., an educational and financial initiative to assist students in planning and paying for their higher education. LaLonde’s mission is to provide people of all ages the tools they need to acquire scholarships; learn the basics of applying for them; resume writing; obtain reference letters; draft required essays and write thank-you letters.

Through one-on-one conference calls with students, she has created a financial program to personally assist students with financial aid opportunities and their scholarship application process. With over 25 clients spanning across six states since March 2021, Operation Success has helped students attain $37,150 in academic scholarships.

On Saturday, January 8th, Eryn will have the opportunity to compete for the title of Miss Tampa 2022. If she wins, LaLonde will advance to the Miss Florida Scholarship Competition in June.

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