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Privateers Announce Scholarship Winners

As of July 2016 a total of 125 Manatee County students have received $275,500.00 in scholarship

The Anna Maria Island Privateers will fulfill their mission of “Privateers for kids and community" in the form of providing scholarships this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a bleak time to try to raise funds. Many fundraisers had to be canceled, due to social distancing, lockdown, closed business, and stay at home orders. However, the Privateers were still able to raise $12,400 to help seven students with their education. They are:

Anthony Cucci-Whitey Horton Scholarship- Florida State University, Tallahassee

Ivelina Kiroutchoukova- Sandpiper Resort Scholarship- University of Florida, Gainesville

Eryn LaLonde- Shiprek Scholarship- University of Central Florida, Orlando

Hannah Vremna- $1,750 Scholarship- Palm Beach Atlantic University, West Palm Beach

Dylan Joseph- $1,00 Scholarship- State Collee of Florida, Bradenton

Aaliyah Everette- $1,400 Scholarship- University of South Florida, Tampa

Arthur Bellamy- $1,400 Scholarship- State Collee of Florida, Bradenton

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