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Eryn Visits Section 36!

Section 36 has another visitor! Eryn LaLonde is passionate about scholarship, and a talented dancer. I was thrilled that she wanted to visit with us to discuss those topics, and a few more.

Section 36 has another visitor! Eryn LaLonde is passionate about scholarship, and a talented dancer. I was thrilled that she wanted to visit with us to discuss those topics, and a few more.

Let's see what happens when Eryn LaLonde visits Section 36!

What made you decide to compete within the Miss America Organization? Freshman year of high school, my mom and I started to look for college scholarships. We came across the Manatee County Fair Pageant that awarded a $500 scholarship to the winner. By winning that title (after three tires), I had the opportunity to compete at Miss Florida’s Outstanding Teen Pageant, and I have been competing since. What did you learn about yourself at past competitions that will help you when you start competing again in the fall? Perseverance is key. Unfortunately, some individuals will play mind games and try to tear you down, but don’t let that stop you! I took a few years off to focus on my family and my mental mindset, and I am ready to begin competing again. How did you select your social impact initiative, “Operation Success: Planning and Paying for Higher Education ”? When I was Miss Manatee County's Outstanding Teen, I finished my reign with over $2000 in scholarship. Since then, I have met numerous business owners and organizations that have continually donated towards my education. I am currently going into my third semester of grad school 100% debt-free due to scholarships. I have not had to pay a penny out of pocket for my education. I have so many friends who have taken out huge loans to complete their education when all they need to be doing is searching for scholarships. I am making it my goal to provide my peers with the tools they need to apply for scholarships.

You had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala to work in a malnutrition center. What was that experience like? Freshman year, I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Guatemala with Florida Baptist Children’s Home. I worked at a malnutrition Center where I loved and cared for children who were so sick. 60% of Guatemalan children are malnourished. After my first trip, I was unsure of when I would return due to the cost. I took it upon myself to host a diaper drive for the center where I raised over 25,000 diapers and wipes. I was able to return my sophomore year and see the stock room full of all the diapers that I had raised. The people there might not have a lot, but their love for God and compassion towards us Americans is outstanding. Upon high school graduation, I did not go to the typical college track as many of my other peers did. Instead, I packed my bags and went down to Guatemala for over a month as an intern at the center. While I was there, I was able to submerge myself in their culture and personally get to know all of the employees who worked and cared for these children. Today, I have been to Guatemala five times, and I hope to go back once we can travel again.

What is your personal fitness routine? One of the main ways that I stay in shape right now is by practicing my talent routine. I recently had the opportunity to go to New York and have my tap routine choreographed by Shea Sullivan. If you had an extra ticket to a Rays-Marlins game, who would you take with you? Why? Most definitely my uncle Jeff. I don’t know anyone who is a bigger baseball fan than him. The past few times he’s been in Florida, we tried to plan trips to the game but, it has never worked out in our favor. If you could be a Disney character for a week, who would you choose? Why? Cruella de Vil. Although her character and mindset might be controversial, she has a love for dogs, just as I do. We have three miniature wiener dogs, and my boyfriend’s family has golden retrievers. She might be considered a villain, but she is always stylish and has the best wardrobe! Is there a feature or activity at a baseball game that you’d especially like to experience? I would love to work a World Series Game! This past February, I was hired by the NFL to work at the Super Bowl. I was one of the select few who were on the field with the team, as well as attend all other Super Bowl events that happened that day. Expanding my experience into baseball and having the opportunity to work at a World Series game would be amazing. --- I think "amazing" would be an absolute understatement!. As always, I want to thank Eryn for visiting with us, and for sending along the pictures to go with the interview. I definitely hope you'll follow Eryn on her social media accounts, like her Instagram and Facebook accounts. You should also be sure to visit her website. They're all great ways to keep track of everything she has going on! I also definitely want to wish her the best of luck when she starts competing again in the fall! Maybe she'll be nice enough to visit again with a new title. Thanks again Eryn, and good luck!

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