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Desoto Heritage: 2017 Queens Court Musical & Fashion Show

The annual 2017 Queens Court, Musical & Fashion Show show modeled the latest fashions from Charley’s Boutique, Lilly Pulitzer, Something Blue Bridal Boutique and Island Cabana!

The 2017 de Soto Heritage Festival’s Musical & Fashion Show was held in Palmetto at the Bradenton Area Convention Center Tuesday evening, April 26, 2017. This year’s Queen’s court is Christina Marie Atkinson, Danielle Patricia Calabrese, Isabelle Amanda Starner, Holly Anne Barnes, Elizabeth Rae Ciemniecki, Eryn Grace LaLonde, Brooke Faron Bentley, Bailee Kaye French, Kennedy Michaela Lipskind and along with Baylee Sawdy, 2016-17, de Soto Princess, Samantha Hyatt, the 2017 Miss De Soto Heritage, and Vernon DeSear, Master of Ceremonies.

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