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2018-2019 PVSA Award Winners

Congratulations to all the Sigma Alpha Lambda members who earned the 2018-2019 President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)!

Throughout the 2018-2019 award period, more than 60 SAL members embraced volunteering and earned the PVSA in the process.

The PVSA rewards U.S. citizens who seek to make a positive impact in their communities by volunteering. Volunteers must have a certifying organization verify their hours, and Sigma Alpha Lambda is happy to serve as such an organization for our members. SAL members must volunteer for at least 100 hours throughout our award period to earn the PVSA.

We want to celebrate all of our winners by spotlighting them below!

Abigail Johanson

Alexander Lloyd Ewing

Alexxia Snyder

Angelina Luciano

Ann Mary Burns

Annabella Sills

Austin Bennett

Brittany Schweiger

Caitlin McDonald

Cameron Snyder

Catherine Smith

Cherie Crisp

Cheyenne Johnson

Christopher Garduno

Clarisse de Jesus

Corey Brooks

Courtney Robinson

Daniella Popa

Elizabeth Anderson

Emily Iupe

Emily Nicole Cox

Emma Domangue

Eryn LaLonde

Galia Chate Hernandez

George Maris

Gia DeRose

Graciela Lopez

Hailey Greene

Hasna Rizwan

Jacqueline Warren

Jake Tyler

Jennifer Libby

Jessie Hays

Joanna Shad

Jordan Cutsinger

Kaitlin Morton

Katherine Repetski

Keely Durbak

Kelsey Christine Ewing

Krystal Byers-Embrey

Logan Knight

Lorise Diamond

Lorna Fernandez-Fuertes

Meg Schwalm

Melissa Mooradian

Natasha Infante

Nathalie M. Aceves

Nickoya K. Beckford

Payton Wortsmith

Rachel Freese

Ravina Brring

Rebecca Loughridge

Samantha Lee

Samantha White

Sarah McClure

Sloan Weeden

Stephanie Gemmell

Stephanie Merrill

Summer Kirkpatrick

Taye Alao

Taylor Boyer

Taylor Riley

Theodore Johnson

Tina Tran

Zachary Skinner

Cassie Jensen

Meagan Colston

To learn more about the PVSA, check out the official PVSA website! We hope to see more of you work to earn this award next year!

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