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10 Ladies Vying for DeSoto Royalty

Who will wear the crown as new DeSoto Queen and Princess?

The coronation isn’t until April 29, but the young women on the recently chosen DeSoto Queen’s Court who are vying for the coveted tiaras currently worn by Queen Sarah Adams and Princess Baylee Sawdy are:

Christina Atkinson, 21, Palmetto High School 2013, Manatee Technical College

Holly Barnes, 18, Manatee High 2016, University of Florida

Brooke Bentley, 19, PHS 2015, State College of Florida

Danielle Calabrese, 19, Lakewood Ranch High School 2015, University of South Florida

Beth Ciemniecki, 18, LRHS 2016, Santa Fe College

Bailee French, 20, LRHS 2015, SCF

Alyssa Kopinsky, 18, MHS 2016, SCF

Eryn LaLonde, 19, Braden River High School, SCF

Kennedy Lipskind, 18, MHS 2016, UF

Isabelle Starner, 18, LRHS 2016, SCF, and USF Sarasota-Manatee

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